Monday, July 28, 2008

Pictures of the bone marrow typing kit

My friend Brian just posted some pictures of the marrow typing kit that you send off with your cheek swab sample. I hadn't seen one yet. Looks even simpler than I imagined. Here's how to get your own kit.

Brian: "So easy to do - just rub these swabs on the inside of your cheek, and send them off."

Brian: "Not just an awesome metal band, biohazard is everywhere. Is that ok to send in the USPS?"

Brian: "They even pick up the tab for the postage. Stay classy,"


josh said...

even though my kit is not to me yet, will it still be considered for your typing match?

Cassie Wallender said...

Yep, it was super easy. For those of us on Capitol Hill, you can walk over to Terry & Madison and have it done there, it takes like five minutes.

Anonymous said...

by the way, when I was typed through the Puget Sound Blood Bank they used this same kit.

Steve Rider said...

Hey Josh,

I think it will be. From what I understand they check the registry every day to see if any new hits pop up. So I imagine if your kit gets returned quickly enough, as soon as it's entered into the database it should be available to be matched.

If for some reason the initial pool of potential donors don't match, the search coordinator said they would try matching cousins as well, so we might be able to have them look up the typing results based on your kit as well.

Btw thanks for all the support and for doing all that. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

Josh and Leslie said...

Hey Steve just to let you know that Josh got his kit on Thursday and sent it in on Friday. We are praying that a match will come soon.