Sunday, July 6, 2008

Scooter ride!

While my dad has been in town, we've found some time to go out riding on the scooters (I think he's getting hooked!). After some fun we had on an outing a couple of weeks ago, we decided yesterday to head off on another scooter adventure around town. What started off as a leisurely ride down to Seward Park ended up as a ride almost all the way around the lake (the big lake!). I've done this ride once before all the way around, but I got to ride it this time with my dad and my sister's fiance Brian (who also has a scooter), and it was a blast! We'd ride for a bit, then stop somewhere to kick back and relax, then would head back out for more fun. Zooming around town this way is the best.

Check out the Google Map of our adventure.

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Here are some pictures we took along the way:

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