Sunday, August 17, 2008

Charts of blood counts

I thought it would be cool to add little charts of my latest blood counts to the blog. You can find them on the right-hand column. Hopefully it will help give people a better understanding of what we're dealing with, since I know that for me, looking at the charts is the clearest way of visualizing this disease. It's also kinda cool. I'll try and keep the charts up to date.

The 3 charts show: ANC, HGB, and Platelets. ANC is Absolute Neutrophil Count and measures the bacteria-fighting capabilities of your blood (neutrophils are one of the white blood cells). HGB is short for Hemoglobin, and measures the oxygen-carrying capabilities of your blood (hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells). And platelets measure the clotting capability.

Below are all the charts:


George said...

Coooooooool. When I'm looking at your charts it looks like I'm doing work. ;) Which I am. Studying the mysterious creature known as Stever.

The green is the normal zone right? What is the unit on the Y axis?

Steve Rider said...

The red vertical bands show when I was going through chemotherapy. If you look at the ANC chart, you can see that the neutrophils responded favorably and went up during this time.

The units on the y axis just measure how many cells are in a given sample of blood (it's a standard measurement).

Beth said...

Dern anal retentive engineers. I bet your dad gets a kick outa studing these also. See you in a couple days. The trail walk looked really nice.