Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More platelets

Apparently the last round of platelets didn't take very well. On Monday I had a blood draw and the nurse called me back later to tell me that my platelets were at 6 and I had a transfusion scheduled for later that day. Bummer! The normal range for platelets are between 150 and 400, so 6 is pretty damn low. Anyway, my friends George and Brian were in town so George hung out with me while I got the transfusion (it was just after taking Brian to the airport) and was even a good caretaker by pointing out to the nurses some hives that had popped up as a result of the transfusion. All in all it ended up being just an annoyance and was the only major appointment I had while my friends were in town, so it was all good.

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obscurity said...

Yeah George saw the hives, but don't forget who PARKED THE CAR FOR YOU ... IN THE RAIN. oh yeah, you did say that.

I'm so glad we had a chance to get out and hang out this weekend. I think the part that still strikes me as the most odd is how significantly asymptomatic you remain - so close to the big day.

Also - I don't think I've mentioned it - but I'm so impressed with what a great outlook and perspective both you and Jojo have maintained through this whole thing. I can only picture how I would handle something like this - given how much of a drama queen I am.

Keep it real yo. Can't wait til next time I'm out there - OH OH OH - when does the next season of Lost start? Let's have a Lost party!!