Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back in the hospital, again, or again again.

This is Johanna, just thought I'd give a little update until Steve feels up to it. Steve had an exhausting day. He was running a fever last night, and the night before also, but it was not terribly concerning until this morning when it hit 102.3. I spent a while debating with Steve about paging the doctor, but we waited since he was due to see him this morning anyway. This is where it gets interesting (not for me since I was just at work!). His parents took him to his appointment and they were concerned about his fever of course and sent him for a chest x-ray to look again for pneumonia. Steve says he had to ask the x-ray technician if he could sit down and rest. He had to stand for the x-ray and apparently he fainted at this point and woke up at the floor. Kudos to the x-ray tech who apparently eased his transition from standing to lying on the floor and bringing him a pillow. They got the necessary x-rays and went back to the oncologist. The oncologist sent him to see the infectious disease doc upstairs who pulled out his picc line to rule it out as a source of infection. (yay! I was worried that this was causing something but still we can't be sure). Then back to the oncologist who admitted him to swedish again. (new room again- hopefully we won't try out the whole floor!)

On a side note, we are all very pleased to see Steve's platelets almost at a normal (non-cancer) level! His other counts are approaching normal at various degrees of speed. This is to say that although Steve isn't feeling great, his body is doing a tremendous job at recovery even while battling a fever.

We just ordered our dinner and I'm hoping Steve is up for another episode of Lost.


Beth said...

Cool hat. Wow you are lucky to have so many people watching out for you -- not lucky on the illnes but given you're stuck with that-- look at the upside. Beth and your dad had some free time together over the weekend -- good for them.
Smile every chance you can!! And, Johanna, thanks for keeping everyone posted.
Jeff and Beth

rachael said...

Great news about the platelet count! I hope this most recent stay in the hospital is a short one. Rest well Steve! And thanks Johanna for giving us the latest news. Take care!

Stephanie said...

Glad to hear the counts are up!! Woo-hoo!
Hope the infection/fever takes a hike and you start feeling better soon!


Cassie said...

Thanks for keeping us posted, hopefully that fever will be gone before you know it.

Cindy said...

Awesome that all your counts are up, and I hope the fever goes away soon and you get to go home where it's comfy.