Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Good news!

Good news! The spinal tap was negative for leukemia cells in the spinal fluid, the bone marrow was normal for the 2nd time in a row, and the initial culture from the bronchoscopy tested negative for infection! Woohoo! The bronchoscopy results aren't definitive and they are still waiting on other cultures to finish growing, so it doesn't mean there isn't a fungal infection, but we're hoping that my immune system in combination with the crazy, hallucinogenic antibiotic called Voriconizole will do the trick.

Oh, and now *all* of my counts are in the normal range (except for the platelets, which are just a tad below), which is super amazing. It feels great. I'll update the graphs in the next few days.

We spent Christmas Eve with my parents at Cindy and Brian's house and opened all our presents, since Johanna and I are flying out to L.A. tomorrow morning to be with her family down there. It was nice that it was still a white Christmas around here, even though all the streets are starting to get a little slushy. But before you go, please enjoy this short video of the Super Duper Reindeer Pooper in action, courtesy of Johanna :)

Super Duper Reindeer Pooper


Trevor said...

Look at you now, boasting about your bronchoscopy and your MUGA scan and your spinal tap! I can't blame you, though. I have to tell you, Steve, that watching your bronchoscopy video and seeing those glistening, milky-white bronchial walls was like watching a Cadillac come out of a car wash. I had a bronchoscopy a year or two ago, so they could clear out some dust bunnies and change and a couple candy wrappers and other detritus. You never know what they'll find, when they start jamming fiber-optic cables down your snout ...

(P.S. Stay healthy! Happy new year!)

lynda said...

the reindeer pooper is *awesome.* where can i find that! :)