Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day +22 - Pictures!

My friend, George, reminded me that I should post more pictures on my updates, and I realized I didn't even have a picture of me at home yet! Duh! My mom took this picture of me tonight while I was in my favorite hang-out spot, playing around on the web and just generally goofing off.

So that walk that I was going to do today after eating my Pho noodles? Didn't happen. Instead, I helped babysit the wonderful beef stew that had been simmering for several hours, and then just before getting ready to go out, I decided to lay down on the couch and close my eyes, you know, just for a few minutes. The next thing I know, my mom is at the door, asking if I'd added the potatoes and carrots, that's she's tried to call me twice, and I'm looking at her like, "What is she talking about?" I was so thoroughly zonked out that I couldn't tell if it was morning or night, and my first reaction was that she had come over to take me to the SCCA for our next round of appointments. I think it was part of the Benadryl hangover from earlier in the day. So tomorrow, I walk. But I did do a lot of chores around the house after I woke up, picked Johanna up from her spa massage an hour later, and then we chowed down on the stew like there was no tomorrow. It was great.

My mom came by after dinner to learn how Johanna bleach-cleans the house every night, including countertops, sponges, bathrooms, doorknobs, and cutting boards. Now my mom can come by and share some of the burden, which she likes to do :) There is a lot of maintenance required to keep me germ-free since I have no learned immunity, just like a newborn baby, and I'm lucky to have the best caregivers around.

Wine makes everything more fun!

Scrubbing away in scrubs

By the way, next Tuesday is Day 28, which is the day all transplant recipients get a bone marrow biopsy to see how well the new stem cells are grafting. I remember thinking Day 28 was so far away when I was at Day 0, and how agonizing it would be to wait that long to see how well they were doing. Well, my white blood counts are now off the chart. White blood cells have the shortest lifespan, so they die off quickly but are reborn more quickly. So I think what's happening is that the new white blood cells are gearing up to start fighting off the remnants of my other blood types, like red blood cells which can hang around in the body for months. If they start getting *too* high it could indicate a problem, but none of the doctors were concerned with the numbers.

I wish my portfolio would start trending like this...

I figured I'd throw in an "evil eyes" shot for posterity. This one was taken a few days ago by yours truly. In the last couple of days, some of the red is finally dissipating and there are places where you can see the whites of my eyes again. So now I have this splotchy, mottled, reddish-white eye look. Oh well.

I might make a mask of this for next Halloween

Ciao for now.


Nic said...

Sleepy Stew-makin' Steve! Glad to hear all is well - also glad to hear that the miles have reminded you why you need them ;-) I was reminded of the same thing yesterday while at work, I went home and promptly took care of the problem :-) Hope to see you soon!

Cindy said...

Why do I get asked for my Twitter username and password every time I go to your blog now (on Firefox)?

Anyway! yay, pictures!!! Mom and Johanna look cute in their scrubs. And you look cute sitting on the couch--from far away at least ;) ha ha, just kidding

We're happy to share in the joy of scrubbing with bleach, too. We'll probably see you on Thursday...

George said...

I also get the prompt for Twitter... what gives??

Yeah I finally get prime time mention in a blog. It's all about me!!

Your eyes are clearing up. Puffiness is going away... looking good baby. Keep going Benjamin Button!!

Beth said...

Cute pictures. Good job, Johanna, and nice to have Bev to help, I'm sure. Steve, you are indeed lucky to have such devoted caregivers. We're glad you are doing so well. Keep your chin up and keep the positive energy flowing.
Beth and Jeff