Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day +5 - Platelets, fever

Guest post by Johanna: Steve awoke this morning to find a bag of platelets waiting for him. His counts went down to 11 early in the morning and their threshold for transfusion is 10. To prepare for the platelets, Steve was given a bunch of benadryl which put him back to sleep until the early afternoon, and then he felt awesome! He got a late start on breakfast but still walked a mile with me and then I gave him a haircut. This afternoon Cindy and Brian visited and they played with iPhoto and the new "Faces" feature and they walked his second mile with him.

Now Steve has his second fever (101-over the watch and wait limit) so they are giving him tylenol and taking cultures. I'm glad he doesn't have the chills right now. He has a mild headache but I think he'll beat it easily since he's already had his Ativan and is all cozy in bed early.

Tomorrow will be Steve's official 2 weeks in the hospital. I'm celebrating this by preparing (slowly) for him to come home by starting a thorough cleaning of the house. It feels kind of strategic since I have to consider what things can be done last minute and what takes scheduling. Once all the major cleaning is done I will still have the day to day sanitizing to adjust to and the careful food prep, so it's nice to do some things in advance.

I can hardly believe it's February. The garden show is coming up and there is some sign of life in our yard- one yellow crocus came up so far.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. Hope Steve is feeling better today (Monday). Yes, signs of spring are poppong up here too. We had about 40 wild turkeys in the yard again this morning. They come right up to the dining room window to eat the corn we put out for them.
Take care of yourself too and thank you from Aunt Sue and Uncle Leon for all you do.

George said...

Sweet platelets of love. I think the fever is just because he is hot for you ;)

It is the love month.

It's spring out there? Really? It's just cold and snow here. We actually got above freezing yesterday. Barely. But now it is back in the teens and 20's.