Sunday, August 10, 2008

Found an awesome blog

Johanna pointed me at this blog written by a doctor who just last month underwent a stem cell transplant for leukemia. It's the most inspiring thing I've read yet. This guy is really a fighter, and is determined to blast his way through his disease and post-transplant issues. It's also very enlightening and has given us a lot more insight as to what to expect in the days leading up to the transplant and what to expect after (I read through his whole blog in earnest starting from his first post). Short summary: the 30 days after the transplant are going to be very, very hard.

Here's an example of some great advice he got from his doctor friend about what to expect during the awful days post-transplant:
Dr Z's advice is to not climb on the roller coaster. Don't get too celebratory over the good days and certainly don't get too down over the bad ones. That takes too much energy! Expect highs and lows. Remember the good times, because you will be coming back to them, but try to stay centered and focused on the long term goal of beating this cancer. That old Zen magic, the middle way again.

So check out this guy's blog:

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