Sunday, August 10, 2008

Transfusion #2 - so good so far

I didn't get a chance to follow up on Friday, but after my blood work Friday morning we found my platelets to be at 10, so I was scheduled for another platelet transfusion that afternoon. Like I was telling my boss, the hardest part is dealing with the emotional roller coaster of feeling perfectly normal one day and being back in the hospital the next.

But the transfusion went fine, though after it was done and we were walking to the elevator, I found myself itching my arm a little more than normal. I looked down and saw a big red hive flaring up. Then I noticed I was itching around my face and ears. Uh oh, back to the nurse as this is a common side-effect with transfusions and can be a problem if it gets worse. The option is to take Benadryl right away, but I didn't want to be knocked out the rest of the night. So we waited it out and it went away on its own after a half hour. But man, during that half an hour it took some serious discipline not to itch those huge hives on my neck and arms! Wow.

Monday we'll go in for more blood work to see what my platelet counts are at (hopefully they'll be way up there!) and then hopefully next week we'll hear from donors. Woohoo!

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