Thursday, August 7, 2008

Platelets on a rollercoaster

Well, after cruising for a week high on sesame oil, today's blood test revealed that my platelet counts have been sliding and are now back down to 12. This isn't totally unexpected, since it's the same thing that happened *last* time during the chemotherapy cycle (the counts dropped the week after the chemo finished). But it wasn't the good news we were hoping for.

So tomorrow we'll go in again for another blood check and if we find it's dropped below 10, it's likely we'll do a transfusion. Ugh. Watching these platelet counts go up and down is too stressful, it's like watching an episode of Lost.

On a positive note, my white blood counts are at an all-time high. So I'm definitely glad to have that since it means I don't have to worry so much about getting sick at the slightest touch.

Will keep you posted.


obscurity said...

OH no! Like an episode of LOST!! OH my! That's a serious cliffhanger. Have you been hiding easter egg clues on websites all over the internet? Do you have black smoke chasing platlets around the backyard?

Steve Rider said...

Haha yeah. Btw we're almost done with the 2nd season of Lost, and my parents and Cindy have been keeping up as well. In fact, my dad just checked out season 3 from the library and they are anxiously waiting for us to catch up so that they can start watching it :)