Saturday, January 24, 2009

2 days til transplant

Hi, it's Cindy again blogging from Steve's hospital room. Steve is feeling about the same today. He is keeping food down pretty well but still feeling queasy. And he walked two miles again today! 

My dad spent most of the day here hanging out with Steve. They spent much of the time reading their books :). Steve's reading a pretty good book called "Diary" by Chuck Palahniuk. 

Today was the last day of chemo for Steve (hurray!) and tomorrow is a day of rest before the transplant on Monday. Steve's counts went down a little today, but not much. This chemotherapy stops the production of blood cells, but it can take some time before the old cells die off. After the transplant, new healthy cells will be produced to replace the old cells.

Today Steve had fun setting up the iChat video so he could "visit" with Johanna since she is home sick still. It's pretty cute. Here's a picture of Johanna waving from home, as seen from Steve's laptop screen. You can see us in the top left corner looking goofy. We had fun playing with the different backgrounds. You can put yourself in Paris or in the clouds or under water with fish. Here's another picture of Johanna with a blacklight effect. 

Tonight we watched a few hours of the show called Monk. It's a show about an obsessive compulsive detective and it's pretty funny. We started with the first episode of Season 1. There are eight seasons so we have a ways to go :)

Brian and I checked out the cafeteria on the first floor. He had a pile of beef enchiladas which, I have to say, looked pretty unappealing. The cooks piled on a little extra because they were about to close and were going to throw it away, anyway. I played it safe with yogurt and chips. Luckily, Steve has had good luck with his room service food, which is pretty tasty. You have to be quick with the food around here, because last call is at 7:00 pm. 

Steve says hi and thanks for all your comments. Over and out.


buckmonster said...

Being done with the chemo is a big milestone! Many more milestones coming with your day of rest, transplant day (your new birthday) and your countdown to day 100!
I'm so proud of you.

Simon said...

I'll be by to walk with you once I'm certain I'm not developing a cold, too. Enjoy your day of rest, Stever!

- S

Anonymous said...

We, in Oklahoma, are thinking of you and praying that the transplant day will be the first day of... a healthy rest of your life. I have really enjoyed reading your daily notes. You and Johanna are quite the writers. I'm impressed, and your English teacher cousin gives you an A+ on content and grammar, ha. Sue and Leon drove here (Woodward) yesterday and we took a drive to Gage and out to the farm. Clifford and Maebelle enjoyed the outing. Dad never gets weary of looking at the windmills and fences. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you only the best. Beverly

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve - you probably don't remember us too much, but we have stayed in contact with your parents over the years and had just learned at Christmas time of your upcoming medical procedure. Dana is home this weekend and we wanted to write and let you know you are in our thoughts and prayers for tomorrow's procedure. Kelly helped me sign up to get a blog account so I could write -she's been wanting me to do that for quite some time, but I am still in the last century with some computer things!! We will be checking your blog for updates and wish for you only the best. Maureen, Dave, Dana and Kelly

Beth said...

Best of luck tomorrow, Steve. You will be in our hearts.
Love, Aunt Beth and Uncle Jeff