Friday, January 23, 2009

3 days til transplant

Hi everyone, Steve's sister Cindy here. My husband Brian and I are here visiting Steve, mainly watching him lie in bed :) 

My dad spent a few hours visiting with Steve today. Unfortunately, Johanna developed some cold symptoms and was turned away at the hospital when she came to visit in the afternoon. My mom is also coming down with a cold, so she hasn't been by in a couple days. Major bummer. I hope they start to feel better soon so they can visit.

Here is a picture of Steve that Johanna took this morning. Lookin' good, Stever! Steve is feeling more nauseated today than yesterday and has been asking for consistent doses of Adovan, the anti-nausea drugs, which help a little. He says it feels better if he stays still, so he has not spent a lot of time out of bed. He did manage to get up today and walk two miles, which is more than I can say for myself, so that's pretty impressive! Woohoo! Nic and Rachael came by and walked with him for part of it. 

Steve's platelets and blood counts are going down a little each day since he was admitted on Monday, which is to be expected. But they are still far higher than they were a few months ago--thanks to the last round of chemo he had, which brought them all up into the normal range. Today his platelets are at 115 (down 27 since the day he was admitted), and his hematrocrit is 33 (down 9), and neutrophils actually went up a little to 3.91 (from 2.38). White blood cells are at 4.77 (from 4.84).

A couple days ago, we decorated Steve's room with tons of pictures that he can see from his bed. Here's a picture of the pictures! 

That's about it for the update. Steve says "hello." He has a chocolate milkshake to drink now.

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obscurity said...

Not only do you look great, but you're still getting all the exercise, which is sooo awesome.

Those counts are really high! I remember for so long when your platelets were under 20 - and the last time I was there - in the single digits. That's awesome how its working out.

Getting so close to the big day!!! When you suddenly grow a thick, luscious head of hair, and develop crazy allergies to chocolate :)