Thursday, January 22, 2009

Transplant day -4

Here's a picture of Steve today. I think the doctors are doing an excellent job of managing the fluid retention and reducing that puffy look. Every day Steve likes to tell me how he gained 10 lbs and then lost it again. Steve is still eating well and managing the nausea. When I left last night I was worried about his balance, but I was excited to see that his balance was good this morning. I talked to the nurse and she told us what we could do to still get exercise if he is not quite stable on his feet and they have a cool walking apparatus to help. So far we don't need it and Steve did his typical morning mile - after which he gets a well deserved nap.

I got to talk to his PA this morning who did one of his spinal taps and lumbar punctures at the SCCA. It's really nice to have familiar faces who know Steve over time. We got to talk a lot about keeping Steve moving and out of bed. She confirmed my suspicion that a day of downtime and sleeping all day can be a set back - making it that much harder to get moving again (succumbing to the "jail" effect as she says).

This is day 4 of his preparative treatment so every day feels like a big accomplishment - closer to transplant day! Steve says "Hello blog audience! thanks for sending me strong thoughts! Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon."


obscurity said...

OH NO! Not a balance problem! I know all about those! I can picture the two of us walking down the hall together. This picture has lots of bruises all over it.

But really - do tell me more about this cool walking apparatus!

Stever, you look GREAT! Keep up the good work and keep the tweets coming!

Just want to say - the word for my "validation" today is sorkedbi which is ridiculous!

Maggie said...

My my don't you look great!!! It's so good to hear that you're lapping the halls and getting your miles logged ;) We're all thinking of you and will visit, but it might be just like seeing you when you're at work... watching you sleep that is! Ha ha! Love you lots!

Joe said...

We are sending you big smiles and lots of strength.

Annie said...

Hey Steve, I can hardly believe you're almost at Day 0! Reading your blog brings back so many memories of my years at the Hutch. I never would have guessed on of my own friends would have a transplant. Hey, by chance, is Louise Schilter-Harms one of your nurses? (probably a nurse manager?) I knew Kris Doney, but I doubt she would remember me.