Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day +127 - We have a plan: re-transplant

Short update: the conference reviewed my case today and recommended a re-transplant using the same donor. This would happen ASAP, assuming the donor is still willing. The conditioning regimen would include chemotherapy and radiation this time, not just chemotherapy, so that's a little scary since radiation is pretty tough stuff. They called to see if we wanted to proceed, and I gave the OK. They're in the process of contacting the donor now.

If the counts recover by themselves before the transplant, we'll cancel it. But it seems less and less likely. So the next step is that I expect to be re-admitted back into the SCCA program and we'll start with a consultation to go over the plan and to give us a chance to ask questions, get all the details, and understand how they came to their consensus. In the meantime, I'll be on daily blood draws and transfusions as needed to keep me going until the transplant, unless the counts recover by themselves. But Johanna and I are happy that there is a solid plan that the professionals are all on board with. Even my local oncologist, who worries incessantly about me, agrees that it's a good plan.

I'm sitting in the infusion room with Johanna and my mom getting platelets right now, and am amped up on a double tall iced mocha with whip cream, so I'm feeling pretty good. After this we may head over to West Seattle for crinkle cookies at Alki Bakery.


Kris Mitchell said...

BUMMER on the bloodcount is what the Mitchell Girls say. We're happy that your doctors were all in agreement to do a retransplant. We'll keep that in prayer. We're so thankful that you're in good spirits.

Can you get-ahold of a cassette player? We've got an awesome tape to send a geek like you - PREY by Michael Crighton. Have you read the book? Em & I listeded to the tape on our 17 hr. drive from LA to Denver. It was great. Let us know if you haven't read the book, we'll pop the tape in the mail to you. We'll also send you the movie COCOON; your folks will remember it.

Hugs and Love to you & Johanna,
Kris, Ember, and Cedar (she just got her driver's license!)

DKS said...

I'm sorry to hear about the low counts, Steve. My thoughts are with you, and I know my parents are thinking of you too.

Diana (McLean) Serquina

Katherine said...

Hey Steve! I just wanted to let you and Johanna know that I am thinking about both of you and am personally inspired by your strength :)...You guys are such good peeps. Hang in there - and I can't believe Cindy's belly!! Tell her congrats too ;)

~Kate Augustine

George said...


Episode I - It's not just for fun

Episode II - The stem cells strike back

Episode III - Revenge of the Stever

On the serious side... so does your count day reset? Are you at a minus count now? Because that is totally unfair. Not like the rest of the shit isn't.

Trevor said...

Another infusion of girl cells??? Hoo boy. I bet you're gonna be all over that "Twilight" sequel when it finally comes out. Seriously, Steve, I have tons of guy cells just hanging out in my marrow, not doing a whole lot, like typical guy cells. Just say the word, and they're yours for the taking. HLA, schmach-LA ...

Beth said...

OK a plan! A plan is good a good plan is better. This sounds like a good plan. We are with you in spirit and prayers. And with your donor --who gets a big + also.
Jeff and Beth